Enterprise PHP development teams, no matter the maturity level, focus on one thing, releasing stable apps that perform. They also want to avoid reinventing the wheel. Therefore, make the investment to listen to the top lessons we've learned from across industries to deliver PHP code faster without sacrificing quality, user experience, or existing workflows.

You will learn:

- How to dig deep into application behavior and performance at runtime
- How to maximize existing continuous delivery principles and tools
- When to take advantage of existing frameworks and extensions and when to do it yourself
- How to avoid reinventing the wheel each time you deploy, upgrade, or rollback


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Joe Cartonia at 12:13 on 25 Oct 2017

Informative and good reinforcement for people already using the tools and practices.

Diverse and interesting subject. I like Adam, he's such an entertaining speaker. It was suppose to be intermediate sessions but I felt it was more beginner.

Lee Jenkins at 14:52 on 25 Oct 2017

Good talk. Informative.

Tony Stark at 15:05 on 25 Oct 2017

Informative, a good wide-ranging talk.

matthew hill at 07:18 on 26 Oct 2017

this was a fantastic talk about ways to improve deployment, from pipelines and hooks, to testing and quality control. how does this help to develop apps faster? because faster app deployment = faster app development. i cannot argue, but i feel the title could use a little tweaking. thank you Adam for filling in!

Good talk and with good tool examples

Chris Ostrom at 07:46 on 30 Oct 2017