Code quality is not just for Christmas, it is a daily part of the job. So, what do you do when you're handed with a five feet long pole a million lines of code that must be vetted? You call static analysis to the rescue. During one hour, we'll be reviewing totally unknown code: no name, no usage, not a clue. We'll apply a wide range of tools, reaching for anything that helps us understand the code and form an opinion on it. Can we break this mystery and learn how everyone else is looking at our code?


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John Fansler at 11:46 on 26 Oct 2017

Very deep coverage on the topic! Showed some tools that are new to me!

Lots of good information. Unfortunately, I felt the talk dragged on too long and after an hour and five minutes, I had to take a break. I ended up missing the end of the talk.

Jason Davis at 12:55 on 31 Oct 2017

I think this would have gone smoother if a better explanation of the slides happened at the beginning of the audience interaction or if the slides had better labels. People seemed to get hung up on icons/information that were not related to the question at hand.

Dan Chao at 08:46 on 2 Nov 2017

A very interesting talk. Lots of new tools and information for me. It would've been helpful to have a verbal description of each tool result page. A few times we were asked interactive questions and did not know what we were looking at! For example, x&y labels on the graphs. Thank you for the presentation!

Daniel at 10:43 on 2 Nov 2017

This was a pretty good talk and very insightful