Failed projects are a reality of our business, with more than half of projects failing to come in on budget and on time. Yet despite the consistent failures and the platitudes for avoiding them, projects still fail with stunning regularity. Come learn why projects fail, and how you can break the cycle.


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Solid talk on the ways projects fail. It mirrored my own experiences on failed projects very closely, and his solutions were very workable.

Marc Snijman at 12:30 on 25 Oct 2017

One of those subjects that I think most people already know in some form or another, but is helped along by an organized presentation and personal insight by the presenter. On a side note, my kind of Powerpoint, simple and to the point.

Common sense information, but good to see it organized and addressed in a productive way.

Very good run-down of common problems concerning projects: managing them, participating etc. Would be good if every project manager took time to attend this talk. ;-)

matthew hill at 07:22 on 26 Oct 2017

solid talk about the reasons that projects continue to fail, but left convinced that there is no silver-bullet, as much as i wish there was.

John at 16:31 on 26 Oct 2017

Very interesting and engaging discussion.

Daniel at 19:29 on 26 Oct 2017

This was a great talk. A little slanted to a consulting perspective, but that didn't take away from many of the points being made when you consider the 'internal customer' situation

Brandon did very well on this presentation. He made good arguments, presented his idea, and taught from experience. Slides and flow were smooth and understandable. He identified common reasons projects fail and gave some hints to help projects succeed. I would suggest not using the term "guys" since it isn't inclusive and can make some attendees feel uncomfortable. Overall it was a good talk.

Dan Chao at 16:25 on 1 Nov 2017

Helped me recognize why projects failed in the past and the current struggles I am having with my projects. I appreciated the humor!