Introducing dependency injection


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Interesting talk, was happy that it went beyond simply DI and DICs were talked about. Thanks Rob!

Anonymous at 16:03 on 19 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 16:49 on 19 Nov 2013

Rob Allen. What more can I say!
Great refresher on di and all the paradigms around it. Thanks!

Great introduction to dependency injection. Very clear examples, and enjoyed seeing an overview of how the various PHP containers work.

Great talk, but maybe too basic. I thought, that probably everyone has heard of DI, but I might be mistaken :).

Anonymous at 11:39 on 20 Nov 2013

Short, smart, all most important information was there. Simple examples easy to understand.

Great session. Rob is the bomb.

Anonymous at 12:19 on 20 Nov 2013

Nice and simple examples that really explained DIC and coupling. Perhaps talked a little too slow

Superb talk about DI, DICs and SL. Nicely paced delivery with good humour and clear explanations. Thank you!

Very didactic approach !

Well structured talk, however I was expecting something more advanced. Dont know what exactly.

Very good session, but lake of some more advanced topics/feedbacks/etc.

Great session, especially the DIC stuff gave me some new ideas that I'll have to check out soon.

Great session, helped me understand DI approach better. Very good comparison of the simple DI containers with fully advanced ones like ZF2

Although I use DI now for some time it was a good refresher and also get a few bits of new information.
Especially I liked the relaxed talking style and interaction between Rob and the audience.

Although I use Dependency Injection, mostly the Symfony DI Component, was nice to see the differences between other DI. The session was very informative and well-structured.

Very good presentation.

While there was nothing new for me personally, it was very interesting to listen and look on subject from speaker POV. In general one of the best session I have visited.

Presentation style was fantastic. A really good session with lots of concepts and ideas that make perfect sense.

It was interesting, straight to point and one of the best sessions.