Test{able|ing} Zend Framework 2 Applications


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Anonymous at 14:15 on 20 Nov 2013

40 min about how good is to test applications and 20 min for simple example of how to test ZF2?! Did the author missed the title of topic?

Anonymous at 14:30 on 20 Nov 2013

After 1h not a single information how to write ZF2 apps which are easy to test

This would be a very good introduction talk about testing for beginners, but it didn't have anything to do with the title/description _at all_. I was expecting best practices for testing ZF2 applications. I already know how to test my domain layer. Was also hoping for more information on how to set up different test environments (unit/integration) for ZF2 apps as I find that really cumbersome.

Quite agree with the other comments, the title did not match the talk so well. But for someone who doesn't use Unit Testing yet it was very introductive and clearly defining the concepts and tools. Maybe you should add more examples on how to write test in ZF2, what should I test first, etc...
P.S. : hope Rob Allen and Marco Pivetta didn't see the call of getServiceLocator within your ZF2 controller as they both insist it was a bad practice ;)

I think there was too much emphasis on what an application is and what each of the separate layers are within an app. I felt like this could have been explained very briefly with more time on converting a non-testable class into an easier to test one

I Agree with other comments. It was a good introduction to why we should do TU but not really on what we could expect from the description.

Although I liked the talk quite a lot (since it gave me some points to think about some more) I also have to agree to some degree with the other commenters: The "ZF2"-part was quite a bit underrepresented, so the title of the session is at least misleading.

Yeah, "me too"... expected the presentation to go deeper in detail how to test ZF2 apps. Instead, it was mostly a general introduction to testing.

I was slightly baffled that a talk about testing/testable applications given by the creator of PHPUnit didn't really mention either for the first 20 minutes.

this was the talk I was most interested to hear, but boy was I disappointed. This presentation was neither about testing nor zend framework - it was just a brief introduction for total beginners. Not quite what I've expected from the author of phpUnit.

Beginner presentation about general programming good ideas. Not what I was expecting.

As the others expected more useful information from real life and experience and not the common talks.