There is a module for that


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Anonymous at 12:09 on 19 Nov 2013

Rated 4

Anonymous at 12:11 on 19 Nov 2013

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Anonymous at 12:12 on 19 Nov 2013

Good and clear session, just 1 problem. During the Q&A we could not hear the questions. It would be nice if some1 asks a question you repeat the question before answering it.

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Anonymous at 12:18 on 19 Nov 2013

Good talk, covered a lot of useful ground.

Would have preferred a more positive approach to this. Felt very negative. Great work on thé module site and nice plans for features though which bumps up my rating.

The talk was kind of negative on many places - no way to search for module, not sure future support, no time to reply on the reported issues, no time for the site enhancements . . .

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Anonymous at 10:26 on 20 Nov 2013

Feel there was too much emphasis on the website rather than the core parts of modules at the beginning. Picked up towards the middle but wish it was a little more in depth about modules themselves within ZF2

Same comment as Ousmane. It was focused on bad practices instead of good ones. I would have loved more architecture/philosophy insights, rather than a list of "do not" :)

good to hear about the zend module site but was expecting a bit more about more good practice on modules

I would have liked more focus on the best practices for the actual creation of modules.

Would certainly have preferred a more positive talk about what modules are in zf2 and good practice approaches to develop them.

I was missing more information about creating module and the best pratices

I was missing more information about creating module and the best pratices

I was missing more information about creating module and the best pratices

Good Talk. Gives me good informations on how to extend and build modules

Felt a bit too much like a promotion of to me.
I'd also try to avoid the (kind of) snide remarks about stupid things some module developers seem to do. Don't get me wrong: Pointing out DOs and DONTs is great, but they were IMHO presented in a quite negative and discouraging way.

I was hoping to hear more about modules rating and approval process. I'm glad there are plans to do it, hopefully people will contribute more to the quality assurance because otherwise this may become yet another site

Felt like a promotions of To negative, would love to hear more about the right way to do a module in ZF2.

I found it as a new market for developers... but without right tools. I expected to get info about how to deliver a module in the right way.