TUTORIAL: A LAMP environment from the ground up with Vagrant and Puppet


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Anonymous at 14:09 on 18 Nov 2013

Some feedback:

* Too much typing - why not just copying the configuration files so we have enough time to actually test them?
* Never reached the goal of building our own development environment
* Could have been a little more targeted to beginners (e.g. explain what provisioning really means)

Otherwise it was a good workshop. Daniel also was very attentive to attendees' problems. Thanks for doing it!

All in all a good overview to understand the advantages of using such tools to automate creation and provisioning of virtual machines.

I'd have spent more time in the beginning explaining some cases and problems that would push a team to adopt Vagrant/Puppet (beginners most probably had hard times to understand why to do that).

I agree with previous comment: maybe preparing an incremental configuration using tags in git (so you can always proceed by steps) would have let you more time to talk and explain what was going on.

Despite of the big number of attendees (for this kind of workshop) Daniel were able to assist everyone in the process of setting up the environment. Maybe organiser should limit at some point the available tickets for the single workshop?

Great Tutorial, I was a bit afraid by the subject, and now I feel like a pro (and it was helpful for my afternoon session about Continuous Delivery) !

We ran out of time, but I still enjoyed typing, getting errors and fixing them with the help of Daniel, maybe next time you should reduce the files though (no mysql and no composer for example).


Anonymous at 09:59 on 19 Nov 2013

Good stuff, a lot of interesting ideas, but timing wasn't perfect.

Anonymous at 11:05 on 19 Nov 2013

This definately was worth it for me to help improve the way I work on certain projects.

As mentioned, there was too much typing, and some time was lost so certain things may not have been looked at. But making it a hands on workshop, was a great idea. Its easier to understand, when doing things your self, rather than just listen to a demo and lecture.

The talk itself was really good and Vagrant seems to be awesome. Got a lot of ideas on how to bundle our applications with our automated Chef server configuration.

There should though have been some information in forehand so we could have downloaded necessary software and cloned the git-repo with Vagrant configuration. Would have been more interesting playing around more and less typing.