TUTORIAL: Building a Zend Framework 2 Application


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Would have loved the full session as it was planned. Other than that a very good talk.

Congrats guys, that was a very good talk !
I wish we could have the time to practice a little more during the session, but obviously 3 hours was not enough to cover the whole subject.
Sometimes it was hard to follow (i don't speak fluently english), because Evan speaks very fast, and Rob a little softly ;)
But that's ok, I catched the most important things.

Very good information considering you crammed a 6 hour session into 3 hours.
Well done.

I wish this session where for the whole day. It was very valuable to me.
I hope the slides will be up so I can fully extend the information to the other developers at home.

Liked it very much; some minor points: At some points it was very hard to understand what Rob was saying. A possibility to download the slides would be very appreciated.

Great session, learned few new tips & tricks, helped me understand ZF2 even more

Liked it; acoustically hard to follow; would have appreciated to get the full four-day-tutorial