When dynamic becomes static: the next step in web caching techniques


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Very interesting topic but covered less than I expected.

Good talk, nicely structured. Very interesting topic. Hope to see something on GitHub soon!

Interesting talk, only a pitty it's not something we can start implementing now.

Anonymous at 13:28 on 20 Nov 2013

The new module sounds really promising. Hopefully we will see something on github soon. Nice structured talk with a proper introduction.

Good talk but nothing to touch and check. So old idea at new form

great talk, hope to see it in action soon

Anonymous at 10:29 on 21 Nov 2013

Was a good talk and brings up new ideas that I will have to check this out more in detail in the future.

Really really interesting, I'd love to start using these techniques now. I should take a star off for the disappointment when I found out that the SCL is not available yet, but I won't.

Great talk. I can hardly wait to see this technology in action.

Good presentation, interesting topic, too bad it's not something that's available right now.