Talk comments

Added more books to my to-read list...

Anonymous at 00:05 on 23 Nov 2013

Im upset that I was not on this talk. Without any comments the slides are only some voodoo spells and I was not able to follow more advanced concepts.

Anonymous at 22:38 on 22 Nov 2013

Good and very useful talk. Thank you!

I love it when an unconf talk becomes more of a discussion than a talk, and this was one of those times. Could have been an intsy wintsy bit more prepared (but I guess Ben was too busy actually writing the router!)

Brilliant, eye opening talk. I think I might be in love with the idea of macros now.

Especially enjoyed the progressive flow of this talk, which made it very easy to follow.

Great talk and discussion about upcoming changes to the ZF router. Could have prepared a better way to display code examples that could zppm, but it was fine for me, being in the front row.

Overall this has me excited about the direction of ZF3. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Actually, we already had a hangout about ZF3 two weeks ago. Check out

I guess it was the first public talk about ZF3, nice debates ;)

Slides and demo app available:

well done! I liked the interaction with the attendees, that usually helps to keep their attention. Also quite impressive to have live demo's done, and they worked quite well to give a clear image of what you were talking about.

Perhaps next time, having a CMS running with English text might be a bit clearer. I realize you can show the functionality with the Russian text in there, but for an audience that doesn't understand Russian, having an English site as a demo might just be a bit more clear. Also, rebooting to another OS in the middle of the talk might not be good idea. I realize though that you didnt have much time to prepare :)