Monthly Zagreb PHP meetup

Thursday 19th October 2017

Fullstacking - 101
Talk by Vilim Stubičan (25 minutes)

We are gonna talk about pros and cons of being a fullstack developer and how that directly affects your mindset when you are working on a single platform. There will be a comparison of several platforms and their effects on other platforms. We will also stumble over how to approach the process of learning to be a fullstack developer.

HTTP caching - symfony, varnish, invalidation, naming
Talk by Alen Pokos (45 minutes)

Talk will provide entrance into world of http caching, and dig into its concepts, technology and implementation. Regardles if done on existing or new project, read heavy or fully dynamic project, this talk will provide you with info to get you confident with http caching and show you how to tackle common problems you will certinaly face.