In this tutorial one all around dev will guide you through server deployments with open source PHP tool Deployer.


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Miro Svrtan at 13:02 on 15 Dec 2017

Subject is very interesting, I'm looking for a new deployment tool and will for sure take a look at Deployer as one of the options.

As it was Tomislavs first speaking arrangement, it was clearly visible that he was nervous but we cant hold it against him. As one of the organizers I hope he will come back and speak even more, sharing his experience and improving his speaker skill.

Nino Uzelac at 14:13 on 15 Dec 2017

It was interesting and a good introduction to Deployer, but I felt like more could have been covered even for a beginner's talk. I liked the visual explanation of deployment processes, but didn't like the slides with the install instructions that is already covered at Deployer website.

It was very basic, I think more could have been covered. I would especially like to hear what kind of obstacles speaker encountered and how he solved them, this was covered with one slide with a list of commands.

Igor Murat at 12:00 on 21 Dec 2017

I think this was a very good introduction of the Deployer tool, and as a beginner, I must say i understood quite a lot from the presentation, so thumbs up!

Perhaps a bit more ice breaking with public speaking, but that is not as important as the technical knowledge and familiarity with the topic that the speaker, by what I could tell, clearly possessed.

Good job!

Tomo Å ala at 16:07 on 23 Dec 2017

Nice introduction to Deployer, but I was expecting more concrete and non-trivial examples.

Great job for a first talk, though!