Now that festivities are behind us, it's time to start with the Meetups again.

Antonio Peric: Drupal 8 for Symfony developers

Drupal8 modernization (new object-oriented base) and adoption of many Symfony components is a huge step in connecting these two amazing communities and amazing projects. Drupal8 is not powered by full-stack Symfony and there is still many differences between these two relatives, but still, Symfony developers should master it easily. This talk is for Symfony developers who don't have experience with Drupal8. It will guide you through routing, controllers, hooks, events, Drupal Console, DI and many other interesting elements that power Drupal8 under the hood. It will also show how to build custom modules Symfony way.

Ljubo Canic: Abstracting conditional statements

We often find ourselves writing conditional statements (if...then...else) to branch our code or to shape some data ie. branching code execution to either include or exclude data, but we can use some functional programming to simplify code which can lead to better understanding and maintainability.


17:30 - Warm up and small talk

18:00 - Group announcements

18:05 - Antonio Peri?: Drupal 8 for Symfony developers

18:50 - Break

18:55 - Ljubo ?ani?: Abstracting conditional statements

19:20 - Drinkup