Talk comments

Goran Juric at 21:26 on 17 Sep 2017

Great way to hear some hands on experiences from such a big crowd. Usually at meetups there is not enough time to here from everybody and I hope we will do this format again.

Goran Juric at 20:07 on 17 Sep 2017

It was very nice to hear that a lot of companies understand the importance of education in a profession that is based on life-long learning. Technical details aside, I agree that the discussion could be better by making the group smaller.

It was great. Very interesting topic. The best part was the second part of the event where people were sitting in a circle and talking in a relaxed atmosphere. I think that it fulfilled the purpose of this kind of events where people can learn something, connect and get to know each other better. Ambient was also great.

Very interesting topic, but there was too little time and too many panelists to encourage discussion and cover the topic completely. Also, even when we moved the panel inside, some of the panelists were still too quiet, even with the microphone, which would make them hard to understand even in the native Croatian language, let alone in English :)

But, if we put all the technical problems aside, it was actually quite good, with well-chosen topic and panelists, and we should do this kind of events more often.

It was great, in my opinion more interesting and productive than the regular panel. 5/7 would participate again.
I think that the round-table discussion in relaxed environment is something that should definitely be considered as a default setup for this kind of events.

Antonio Peric at 10:07 on 15 Sep 2017

Much better than formal panel. Interesting topics, interesting people. For me after "mingling" is best part of every meetup

Antonio Peric at 10:06 on 15 Sep 2017

It was interesting to hear how other companies are solving education and what they think about junior, mid, senior developers

Great idea to have night-outside panel

Except technical issues outside, everything else was great.

People using mic have different voice amplitudes so some sound louder and some are quiet so perhaps some dynamic voice modulation would help?

Miro Svrtan at 08:35 on 15 Sep 2017

I just loved this format so much, having 20 ppl in a circle discussing where almost everyone had something to ask or say just felt AMAZING.

Maybe next time, panel should be organized liked that...