This is a big one! ZgPHP meetup 0b100000 will feature all three group organizers exercising their English speaking skills. Miro and Luka will be rehearsing for their appearance at PHP Day in Verona later this month, and Ivan just didn’t want to be left out. This will make meetup #32 the first ZgPHP meetup held entirely in English. Come and be entertained!

17:30 – The Gathering (but there can be more than one)
18:00 – Group announcements
18:10 – Ivan Habunek – Password hashing functions in PHP 5.5
18:20 – Miro Svrtan – Web application: Tech from startup to enterprise
18:50 – Short break
19:10 – Luka Mužinić – Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!
19:40 – Drinkup in Kolding