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Nice, short and to the point. Makes a good case for trying out Go. Matej has good speaking skills and a very decent grasp of English.

My only complaint would be the slides. Sometimes they contain exact sentences being spoken. It might be better to have less text on slides. Also, the white on black color scheme has poor visibility.

Very good talk, incorporated the idea of supplementing PHP for all of those non-web tasks.

Hopefully Matej will now be less affraid of English to speak more often (he had really interesting subjects up to now)!

One small suggestion: bit less text on the slides and break those long bullet point lists into multiple slides (or remove some of them).

Pretty good overview of some of the strengths of Go.

The code examples are always a pain to present, but in case of longer ones, I think a good approach would be to give a "map" of the code split into logical parts, and then go through the parts one by one with each part on its own slide.

There were no forced comparisons with PHP, which is a huge plus.

Very good talk with good pace. It was really well structured and it covered a lot of features of Go in a small amount of time. Code examples were well explained, with enough details to see what the language can do, but without going too deep where it could become harder to understand.

Only thing that could be better is the color choice for the slides and it would be easier to follow the talk with a bit less text on the slides.

I'm looking forward to your next talk :)

Very well paced and spot-on time. Good examples, very well explained but some have too much code for one slide.