Monthly Zagreb PHP user group meeting. Interested in speaking? Contact us on info (at) zgphp (dot) org

Thursday 17th November 2016

18:00 Multiple website hosting with Docker and Nginx reverse proxy
Talk by Zoran Antolovic (40 minutes)

Do we really want to have :8001 :8888 :8080 in URLs? I will show how to easily setup and maintain multiple sites (locations, environments) with Docker and Nginx as reverse proxy. At the end we'll use php config file where we map hostnames and ports and generate Nginx config so we have fully functional multi website server only with Docker and PHP.

Immutability RFC
Talk by Silvio (30 minutes)

Join us if you want to know more about immutability in PHP. I will talk about reasons why I started working on that, challenges I had to overcome and why I think it matters You can find RFC details here ->