Since the dawn of software development, we’ve been faced with the same impossible choice every single day: do it quickly or do it well. We do our best to make the right choice for the task at hand, and we move on. Then came the lean startups & “Move fast and break things” and put their thumbs on the scale in the favor of the hacks, the MVPs, the just-ship-its, and the Product Managers just ate. it. up.
That’s great, for proving a concept or finding a market fit. But what happens when that’s all you do? When the entire organization, top to bottom, has collectively forgotten how to write quality software. When you become unable to make the correct technical decision even by accident.
We will take a deep dive on a mission-critical web application that is basically unusable on its best day, and trace the trivial bad decisions that got it there.
You will never take a shortcut again.


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This talk was everything a developer who creates his own software needed to hear. It was a check-up of the pitfalls probably everyone goes through at one point of their developmental growth and it was a relief to hear that I wasn't the only one who went through it. Your talk made me laugh all the way through.
Now experienced and smarter, I can relate and considering I paginate everything more than 10 entries long, the most valuable information of the talk for me was the "not counting the complete number of results" and it will for sure be the next addition to my arsenal.
Everything you said was on point and I encourage you to write a book about it. Keep the humour with it!

Fun and interesting talk with many good advices

Bruno Zorić at 16:17 on 12 Apr 2019

Really good talk with awesome english speaking skills. Everything said was really good to hear - so we know that things like that happen, more often than not

Great and fun talk. Important for both some junior dev as senior/architect..

Mario Blažek at 10:55 on 15 Apr 2019

Awesome talk, Luka please do visit us more often.

Marko Samec at 13:19 on 16 Apr 2019

Really interesting talk with great insights gained purely by his experience.

Nino Uzelac at 16:25 on 18 Apr 2019

Great insights

Tomo Šala at 17:28 on 18 Apr 2019

Pretty interesting talk, but delivery was not on Luka's usual level.

A bit more interaction with the audience and a bit more enthusiasm would be great.

Interesting talk, great insight, much WOW!

But seriously, the part about paginating early is a MUST HEAR for anyone!
All in all great great talk with many gotcha's whilst iterating fast.