A talk about estimating your daily tasks, why we sometimes miss the scope of things, and how to improve on your process.


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Robert Šorn at 19:54 on 17 Oct 2019

Very good English. Good explanation of the subject, but it was shifting from serious to funny. personally, I would liked to see it serious the whole time. As one member of the audience said, Spikes are a usefull approach. I would have liked to see some skeleton of an example for specification - it would close the circle on the example..

Maroje Macola at 12:33 on 26 Oct 2019

I liked the enthusiasm of the lecturer and his knowledge of English. Topic was both interesting and useful, but questions from audience made it complete since it gave an additional information regarding the topic. I believe that good questions arise when lecturer does a good job.

As junior I often stumble upon giving estimation and this talk gave me a good starting point..

Goran Galinec at 23:11 on 5 Dec 2019

Impressive English language and a good introduction on task estimations — one of the parts that I don't spend enough time on. 20 hours of development can save you 2 hours of planning :)

I usually prefer more technical talks, but this one was absolutely brilliant & very well thought out.