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Bristol PHP Training: Jenkins 2 workshop

7 Mar 2018 @ Temple Studios

With this workshop you will learn how to setup, configure and use Jenkins 2 Pipelines with your workloads. Oriented for the discerning PHP developer, it nevertheless applies to anything that can be…

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Techademy QA trainingday (September 2012)

20 Sep 2012 @ Noxlogic HQ

During this training day, full focus will be put on Quality Assurance. With a workshop on PHPUnit by Joshua Thijssen and a workshop on Jenkins by Stefan Koopmanschap, you'll get all the tools to assur…

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TDC 2011 Goiânia - Trilha PHP

30 Oct 2011 @ Faculdade Cambury

O PHP é uma linguagem dinâmica para desenvolvimento Web, com origens no ano de 1995. Atualmente, o PHP é uma linguagem orientada a objetos, madura e a mais utilizada na Web. Existem diversos framework…

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