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Bristol PHP Training: Jenkins 2 workshop

7 Mar 2018 @ Temple Studios

With this workshop you will learn how to setup, configure and use Jenkins 2 Pipelines with your workloads. Oriented for the discerning PHP developer, it nevertheless applies to anything that can be…

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Techademy QA trainingday (September 2012)

20 Sep 2012 @ Noxlogic HQ

During this training day, full focus will be put on Quality Assurance. With a workshop on PHPUnit by Joshua Thijssen and a workshop on Jenkins by Stefan Koopmanschap, you'll get all the tools to assur…

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Techademy trainingday July 2012

20 Jul 2012 @ Ingewikkeld HQ

It has taken a while because we were busy with both projects and conferences, but in July we will organize another Techademy trainingday! The full focus for July will be on guarding the quality of you…

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