Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack


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Alessandro Lai at 15:18 on 16 May 2015

Speaker speaks a little fast and has a strange slide timing (stucks a lot over title slides, then skips the next).

Other than that, the talk was very interesting and full of information.

Anonymous at 15:21 on 16 May 2015

A very interesting talk, nicely thought out, with straight to the point examples. Captures the attention very well. Please keep up the same level of commitment. Thanks

Very overview Davey!

I really liked the pace and contents of the presentation! Having read only little about Hack, it was nice to see a thorough overview over its different features. Well done!

Anonymous at 19:53 on 16 May 2015

Unicorns! Yay! :D Thanks!

Very clear and informative. Every single slide was meaningful. Even if I don't like Hack, it still was so interesting to see how others are doing, and how this indirectly shapes our own language.

Straight to ideas, code and tools: good!

Next time maybe more focus on code, less on unicorns symposium stuff

Davey is surely a great speaker but he often speaks very fast. The argument was very interesting and well presented (expecially for me, being totally uninformed about the subject).

Crystal clear about a huge load of info regarding Hack and HHVM. It was fast and tight, but always clear and easy to understand.

Very well presented.
The "speaker notes on even slides and public content on odd slides" technique was a bit awkward at first but then I got used to it.
I still don't like Hack, but HHVM is interesting.

Good talk as always, but the speaker speaks too fast!!!

Some really important info was given in this talk, I definitely know more about HHVM and Hack now.

Very interesting talk. Speaker motivate me to learn more and to try using Hack.

Great. Informative. Speaker covered a lot in this talk. Nice job.

As always, Davey rocks again!

The argument was interesting, the speaker was funny, passionate and really clear (but speaks really fast), also the q&a were full of good informations and ideas.
Probably one of the best talk I attended during phpday

Interesting overview.