We can all agree that having a unreachable database due to some weird error like "no space left on device" is pretty annoying. This is the result of some unforeseen error and caused your application some downtime. But what happens when you are upgrading or tweaking your database? What kind of approach do you pick?

Well, Michiel Rook is going start the discussion on this issue, at this month's meetup at Zicht Online.

Database migrations with zero downtime - Michiel Rook

Does your application or service use a database?
When that application changes because of new business requirements, you may need to make changes to the database schema.
These database migrations could lead to downtime and can be an obstacle to implementing continuous delivery/deployment.

How can we deal with database migrations when we don’t want our end-users to experience downtime, and want to keep releasing?

In this talk we’ll discuss non-destructive changes, rollbacks, large datasets, useful tools and a few strategies to migrate our data safely, with minimum disruption to production.


19:00 - 19:30 - Doors open.
19:30 - 19:45 - A word from our organizers / location sponsor (Seb Deursen)
19:45 - 20:30 - Database migrations with zero downtime - Michiel Rook
20:30 - ?? - Round up and start of Social!