Remember last year, when we had our awesome rooftop barbecue over at DPDK? Celebrating our 3rd anniversary, with some tasty hamburgers and good weather? Well... let's do that again!

Thursday 13th July 2017

To AWS with Ansible
Talk by Gerben Geijteman (45 minutes)

Are you curious about how a newspaper transformed into a cloud based data broker? Then this is your chance. I will talk about how we transformed our legacy publishing platform into a stack of microservices, hosted in the AWS cloud. How we automate our workflow processes, provisioning and deployments but mostly how we manage to do this with Ansible.

Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know
Talk by Joshua Thijssen (45 minutes)

What do german tanks, your birthday and the speed of light have to do with our daily development work? It turns out, quite a lot! During this presentation, I will explain a series of mathematical theorems and paradoxes that we encounter every day during development, but we often fail to recognize. By using these theorems, we can create better code, find more secure and efficient solutions to our problems, and it even helps you out communicating with clients and project owners.