Talk comments

An interesting look at what can go wrong when you start working with databases, what things to keep in mind as you create databases, and some good reminders about knowing what your database can do before you go and rebuild things programmatically.

Great talk. Good mix of real world examples and live coding hypotheticals.

This talk was a good intro to what Moodle is for and what features it has. The quiz was fun. One suggestion might be to make the quiz questions about Moodle, and then you could talk a bit about the feature in the answer after each question. Would also be helpful to have a section of your talk defining the terminology used in Moodle. Thank you for giving this talk!

Excellent talk, Beth! You offered up some great tips and suggestions. I walked away with some actionable things I can do to make my next talk better.

Great job! Lots of good points and several tips I would not have thought of. Thank you for sharing.

Excellent talk Beth! Very practical advice. I like that a lot of your points also help in projecting self-confidence which I find listeners of talks really like.

Anonymous at 16:33 on 30 Jun 2015

Excellent code examples before and after, use of cartoon(info-tainment:)
and interaction was great! Facilitated conversation about content at some points then redirected to a future slide at another point. Could tell he had more knowledge and background to answer involved questions.

Nice guest choice. As someone who's a complete newcomer to Laravel, the detailed technical stuff in the beginning was bewildering. Sometimes the code was too small to read. The second half was much easier to follow along with and the slides were funny.

Great overview of Laravel! I haven't used Laravel yet but I was familiar with most of the concepts so it was pretty easy for me to follow along.

The code slides were hard to see. I think that was largely due to the format of the talk. They might have been easier to see if it were projected natively instead of through Google Hangouts.

I liked the discussion on the additional services in the Laravel community. There is a lot there to help people out, even if they are not buying into the ecosystem itself!

I thought the delivery of the presentation was very good.

As someone who's used Laravel 4 a bit, I had two technical questions from the slides:

1) In your second middleware example, I didn't see how the route path was defined.

2) What file should the dependency binding go in?

Otherwise I agree with some of the previous comments. As someone who already knew Laravel I didn't learn too much (I was hoping to learn more about the changed structures in Laravel 5), and I can see how it would have been too much for someone who wasn't already familiar with the framework.