Talk comments

Great lighting talk, need more like this on zend expressive!

Great intro to Expressive! I wish I had watched this a month ago...I might have used Expressive instead of Slim.

I liked the way you cut out parts of what might have been a longer presentation but still gave links to fill-ins. And I can't really come up with anything criticisms. Really a great talk.

Peter Aba at 03:25 on 26 Mar 2016

As I've never used Simple DB, I can not tell how much of the actual feature set was covered, but I think I now know enough of this technology to be able to estimate whether it could be the right tool for some problem I might have in the future.

The talk was very professionally delivered, to the point and with the right amount of context given. Great job!

Chuck Reeves at 17:05 on 24 Mar 2016

I really enjoyed the talk. A Great overview of simple DB and how to design your data to fit the model.

Eli White at 15:49 on 24 Mar 2016

EXCELLENT introduction to Expressive. Perfect for a lightning talk!

Eli White at 15:34 on 24 Mar 2016

Great intro to the topic. Covered all the bases well.