Talk comments

Anonymous at 11:15 on 22 Oct 2014

Good talk and thanks for putting in the extra effort to put this up on the web -- very handy.

A very interesting talk which covered a lot.

Speaker knows what he's talking about and is able to communicate this in a pleasant way.

Add clear slides and some humour and you got a great talk.

Great talk as always from the great Ross Tuck. Good pacing, good style, interesting perspective and clear examples. Have seen the talk before and it keeps improving

It was one of the most interesting talks I've been to, if not the most!

The thematic is of great interest.

The speed at which Ross talks can be a problem for some ppl, but for me it prevents my brain from getting bored and start thinking about something else, so it helps me keep focus on the talk.

The hat is an excellent detail. It's something unusual, and humans tend to naturally focus on stuff that is unusual. It has the same effect as if the presenter moves slowly while doing the talk.

As others commented already, after the 2/3 of the talk, if got difficult to follow, its problems and advanced solutions that I have not thought of before. At this point I felt a problem following the code because the "before" and "after" code samples were in separate slides and my short memory span did not allow me to read, understand the code and understand the problem for both slides and then compare them in my head. I would suggest that you put the code in some way that we can compare the changes in only one slide.

Nevertheless, this was definitely a 5* talk.

Enjoyable talk, nice flow, great insights, excellent delivery.

Very good talk! Lots of usefull information, almost to much. As Frank Koornstra mentions, somewhere in the second part it became a litle overwhelming and I was struggling a little bit to keep up.

But overall a very pleasent talk and speaker. :)

Loved the topic almost as much as your presentation style! I can also totally see why people feel humbled by your knowledge :)

You have a good mix of diving into the matter and some comic relieve in between. There was a lot of stuff to cover but you were concise, which kept it clear (for most of us). I couldn't find the slides yet so I can't pinpoint it but I lost your train of thought for a while, about 2/3 into the presentation, around the point where you introduced the Command Bus. That's probably just me though :)

To conclude: impressive talk, lots of new stuff to think about, loved the style (and the hat, but that goes without saying, right?)

Awesome talk! Explosive amount of knowledge shared! Would be enough for 2-3 separate talks! Would be awesome to hear a talk about Event Sourcing.

Good talk, definitely helpful to get a basic understanding for CQRS and DDD.