Talk comments

I enjoyed your talk, mostly because it sparked up some good discussions and interaction with the audience.
Sure one can go into more detail on each of the 13 items, but then again every one of them could be a whole talk of themselves. So its always a choice between covering many things in less detail, or more detail on lesser things. Overall a very good summary of things to keep in mind, im sure i will check your slides as a reference later on.
Your voice was indeed not that loud, but as no one complained about it, i thought everybody was able to hear you clearly.

Enjoyed the talk very much. I think it had a good scope, trying to go into too much detail or analytics would probably overflow you time slot. You could add a bit more detail in some cases, but it does very well as a talk to give you things to think about.

You had a bit of volume issues, up, and down in some cases, but i recognize that as "nervousness" and been there also, a bit more confidence will solve that. Work a bit more on the slides and the structure and you have a good start.


About the content:

* I enjoyed the talk but I thought you could go deeper in the subject.

* I mostly missed the reasons why the suggestions will help to improve performance.

* Some information about the process and how to identify bottlenecks and analyze metrics would be nice since performance is not a one time thing and there is no silver bullet, do one change at at time and measure the results

About the presentation:

* Some slides had just too much information (you had to way for the audience to finish reading them)

* I felt that sometimes you where not confident about the subject but it might be because you where nervous and not talking loud

* The presentation structure could have been different as some topics seem to pop up out of no where, you should try to present them in a logical sequence maybe going from client side performance to server side performance

As I said I enjoyed the talk I hope to see more talks from you

Good talk, interesting subject!

There is always room for improvement, so here a mine:
- Structure you 'ways to speed up'. Now it was it list of things. But you can structure it more from the internals (PHP-programming), to server, to caching etc.
- More in depth for certain topics would be great, especially on 'the principle how it works' (so do not need code examples, but just the principle. E.g. with caching there is a lot to explain and understand

You were a bit hard to hear in the beginning and some slides a bit too much bullet points. It also wasn't always clear what the context of some of the points you made were (like with the output buffering, and people misunderstood your point).

Otherwise I thought it was a well rounded talk and as the talk progressed the discussion that it started was very interesting as well.

Good talk, although somewhat straightforward at times. Would have liked to see more of the internals used by tweakers.

Also the speaked was at times hard to hear due to articulation and volume..

excellent topic though for a lengthy and healthy debate :)