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Thursday 15th December 2016

Practical TDD
Talk by Bas de Ruiter (1 hour)

Test Driven Development. A given for many software engineers, but a lot of php developers are still only prodding at it with a stick from a safe distance. This talk won't be an introduction to TDD. I'm gonna try to take away this fear by giving opinionated answers to the Difficult Questions. I hope it will lead to some good discussions at the end. 1. What is the purpose of TDD? 2. What are the pitfalls of TDD? 3. How do I TDD with the database? 4. How do I TDD with webservices? 5. How do I TDD with the front end? 6. How do I stick to TDD when the deadline is approaching? 7. How can I start with TDD in a legacy code base? 8. How to convince my boss TDD is good? 9. How much code coverage should we aim for? 10. How long may a test suite run?