Talk comments

Jeroen, I liked your talk very much. It was informative, entertaining and flowing really well. Now and then I thought that you might have taken yourself a bit more seriously - you are the speaker, hence the expert :)

Anonymous at 11:48 on 16 Jan 2015

The talk was very funy. The subject was interesting and your story was great.

Clear, concise, informative and useful. I normally don't think about immutability but this talk changed my mind.

An interesting topic presented in an entertaining way.
Jeroen was well-prepared and knows what he's talking about.
I also liked the clear slides including appropriate cat pictures.

I think it's very hard to not talk about DDD when discussing something like Value Objects but I understand the reasoning behind this.

Well done!

As i said yesterday, great talk and definitely food for thought! It's a good broad intro into the thought process behind. Thanks to the code examples and step-by-step walkthrough of that process it's easy to follow and the 'WHY' is answered clearly.

The quotes are excellent intermezzo's to keep everything light hearted!

Hope to see more of you in the coming conference season!