Talk comments

Very interesting topic that we don't see a lot around, nice choice on that!
I really liked the structure of the talk and looking at it from 2 sides (Submitter and Reviewer).
Loved the little intermezzo.

I would agree with the examples, would love to see some real life examples :)

Overal great talk!

Very polished and well-brought talk, with several useful tips for submitters and reviewers alike. The reviewers part was particularly interesting to me, especially the great tips about the "crocodile" mentality and s*** sandwich: great stuff!

I think some of the examples needed a little tuning, but that's it.

It's always a pleasure to have Hannes speak at our meetup!

[Sandwich feedback™] ^^

Bram Pieters at 07:46 on 27 Apr 2017

Thanks for the interesting talk and the talk after that :)
I only saw the reviewer bit, (was a little to late, sorry) and I always like to see some real world examples, for example, past experiences.
Maybe you can add some examples to your talk which show how important code reviews are ?
Things that got discovered before being deployed.
Hope to see you soon on the next meetup or so!

PS: Is this a "tasty" format ? ;)

Toon Verwerft at 21:17 on 26 Apr 2017

Thanks for the tips on code reviews! It gave me some new insights on how to comment on code.
By the way: googling "shitburger" for images wasn't a tasty idea :)