Talk comments

Johnnie's talk on project estimation was great. My 2 favorite pieces came in relation to the mockup stage -- one, give it to them in greyscale so they don't complain about this color or that one. Two, give them a printout, because if they see it on the screen, they're probably going to think it's already working.

It was a great talk, full of humor and REALLY practical, useful stuff.

slides are up for this presentation at:

I've played with Corona, Objective C, and Appcellerator. Somehow I had missed nimblekit, From Dicks presentation it looks like one could be highly productive with this approach to app development. I have already downloaded it within 12 hours of the presentation and am going to work with it now. Many thanks for the presentation.

I expected this session to be about complying with the Apple's developer guide. The presentation was much more about deciding what and how to think about developing for IOS. A far more useful topic I think. Cory rocked this subject matter. I would attend it again so I could get the pieces I missed

My background is as a developer and business manager. I have been on too many projects that forgot about UX and wound up in the ditch. Chris's presentation is an very good distillation of a subject that could use a lot more time and attention.

Information was well-presented, but the allotted time was too short for the topic.

Thanks all for attending and be sure to follow up with me. Lets unleash our mobile apps! [email protected]

Focused on Salesforce Integrations for non-profits. Excellent session. Wanted more sessions on Cloud services and how organizations can reap great rewards for little costs. Thank you Tal. Superb session.

This started out a bit slow. I didn't like the looping of the powerpoint - there wasn't enough structure to keep me interested. This is great info, just the randomness lost me. However - a great topic with three great speakers. Good job otherwise!