Scaling PHP


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Trayan Ivanov at 15:13 on 8 Oct 2016

Damn.. so much info for 40 minutes.. But it was easy to swallow.. Flawless talk!

Plamen Nikolov at 15:16 on 8 Oct 2016

Nice and ready to use out of the box solutions!

Ivan Tsankov at 17:09 on 8 Oct 2016

Pretty much punctual and quick. Lot's of info and exactly on the topic.

Nikola Poša at 18:58 on 8 Oct 2016

Clean, smooth talk, coverring all the essential aspects of a topic, with the just as needed amount of details.

Radoslav Salov at 20:37 on 8 Oct 2016

So much helpful info... Thank you!

Georgi Antonov at 23:52 on 8 Oct 2016

So much info in so little time. Very well presented.

Rodrigo Neves at 09:35 on 9 Oct 2016

This was so rushed that it was sometimes hard to follow. I would seriously recommend revising the length of the slidedeck or depth of topics approached to adapt it to the time available instead of squeezing everything in at the cost of quality.

Borislav Sabev at 21:22 on 9 Oct 2016

What can I say? Too much insight - in a good way. Thank you for the nice, yet general talk, Mr. Whittle. Your experience and expertise are visible from a far.

Dimitur Ilkov at 21:38 on 9 Oct 2016

Nice talk, but a lot of information was squeezed into a small time

Ronald Hristov at 23:14 on 9 Oct 2016

I liked how straight to the point this talk was . Problems you encounter => solutions. As simple as that.

Andrew Rota at 14:01 on 10 Oct 2016

Well delivered, comprehensive talk on scaling performance in PHP.

Good introductory talk.

I enjoyed this informative talk. For organizers: His talk needs a bigger room.