The Framework is Dead


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Really entertaining and thought-provoking

Plamen Nikolov at 16:03 on 8 Oct 2016

Nice talk. It kept me entertained. It was inspiring to see that more and more people are sharing the same thoughts!

Trayan Ivanov at 16:21 on 8 Oct 2016

So far best talk today.. Long live frameworks.. or not..

Radoslav Salov at 20:25 on 8 Oct 2016

Interesting topic, brilliant lector...

Very good talk

Georgi Antonov at 23:54 on 8 Oct 2016

It was interesting but expected a bit more.

Ion Ghitun at 23:59 on 8 Oct 2016

Very interesting topic, I enjoyed!

Nikola Poša at 01:05 on 9 Oct 2016

Very interesting, hot topic, speaker did a really great job in presenting it. I think that some more arguments were needed in a framework criticism section of a talk.

Bruno Škvorc (Speaker) at 01:40 on 9 Oct 2016

@all thank you all so much, it's much appreciated - glad you liked the talk!

@nikola thanks, I'll do my best to elaborate more - I definitely learned a lot too!
@georgi thanks, what can I do to improve? More in what way?

Rodrigo Neves at 09:38 on 9 Oct 2016

Very entertaining talk on a hard and very relevant topic. People in the PHP (and others) communities NEED the reality check. Please repeat it over and over again and bring it all over the world! Looking forward to seeing it again somewhere else (anytime soon in Berlin?). Could also be very interesting to have a panel or some sort of moderated discussion afterwards.

Bruno Škvorc (Speaker) at 09:53 on 9 Oct 2016

Thank you Rodrigo!

I'm done with conferences for now, and don't really do evergreen talks as I feel like it cheats the community a bit. Especially if the talks are recorded - so I don't think I'll be having it anywhere else or any time soon, but if the demand really will be high, I might think about doing it one or two more times, sure. Glad you liked it!

Great talk! Passing the message in a very entertaining way.

Ronald Hristov at 23:23 on 9 Oct 2016

Bruno made it interesting. At the beginning I was like: what is this guy talking about. But it was all part of a great build up. Great job Bruno, waiting the next great article at sitepoint.

Interesting topic, great talk !

Andrew Carter at 10:53 on 10 Oct 2016

Unfortunately, this was the only other talk I got to see because I was busy preparing my own. Fortunately, it was this talk that I got to see.

Good balance of humour and reason used to deliver an opinionated message that encouraged developers to push their architecture skills by reaching beyond the framework.

My only criticism is that this talk was on the second track rather than the first (which had a less popular talk on). Sadly, there were some people who missed out and couldn't get in the room. This was beyond the speakers control however, and it can be hard to predict these things.

Probably the most controversial talk of the conference. To be honest I expected to see a riot afterwards, fortunately no such thing happened.

After seeing that my personal thoughts on the big monolithic frameworks resonate with those of the larger community I will probably try the proposed approach for my next pet project.

The framework is dead! Long live the framework!

Milan Popovic at 13:38 on 10 Oct 2016

Quite interesting topic, really entertaining presentation, kept my attention the whole time. As for the talk's content, I wish that there were more arguments and explanations why do you consider some framework bad. What exactly is bad, what should be done to make it better etc... You should analyse different frameworks and give your though what is good - what is not - with explanations what brings you to that thought. It seems to me that you focus too much on one framework.

Bruno Škvorc (Speaker) at 17:20 on 10 Oct 2016

Thanks for the feedback, Milan!

I believe I haven't clarified the purpose of the talk enough, if that's how you feel. Entirely my fault, and I'll definitely work on it - thanks for shedding some light on things.

What I wanted to ultimately say in the talk is not that a particular framework is bad because of A and another is bad because of B, but rather that the concept of relying on a framework to do everything is bad. The last part - use whatever you want, but never as a crutch, always as a learning tool - means that I'd like people to REALLY get to know the tools they use. If they're using a framework, don't just use it blindly, else they get to the self-jailing part. When using a framework, one should know *exactly* what makes it tick and how it works, and then it's almost as if they're not using a framework at all - at that level of understanding, it's like they're using their own code, and there's no risk of getting jailed into the framework's ecosystem.

To be honest, I don't feel like any framework is inherently bad or good for X or Y reasons - I'm of the firm belief that whatever gets you shipping sooner is what you should use. But while using it, you shouldn't proceed a single step in an unknown direction - always investigate, always look inside the classes and packages you use, and never blindly trust.

I hope that clears the purpose of the talk up a bit, but I'll be sure to include it in the talk if I ever give it again, thanks for the heads up!

Great presentation.

One of the top 3 most entertaining talks of the conference! You rarely get to see a tech talk getting everyone to laugh so much.. Well-thought-out, great build up, super fun, provoking...
But now you owe us a workshop on the subject Bruno :)

Bruno is a very good presenter. He had some good points.