Refactoring Legacy Code


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Amazing talk, lots of useful ideas!

Anonymous at 14:42 on 27 Sep 2015

Great talk 10x!

Really useful and getting you inspired to do the refactoring thing

Thanks for the cool talk. Lots of good advices which I will follow.

Anonymous at 14:58 on 27 Sep 2015

Really good talk, cheers!

Epic speech, Adam!

Anonymous at 20:09 on 27 Sep 2015

Great talk! Though, 40 minutes were not enough.

awesome talk. really inspiring and am now down to the business, refactoring

One of the best talks of the conference. Step by step refactoring explanation and I especially liked the part where Adam explained how to ask your boss about refactoring. Great stuff.

Another fantastic session and presentation. Good guideline and examples! Thanks!

Easy step by step instructions on why we should refactor our code and how to achieve this.

Thank you!

Great guideline for refactoring legacy apps. Well done!