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Really inspiring and changing your attitude to the MVC

Thank you for the tips after the presentation! :)

Anonymous at 12:32 on 26 Sep 2015

Anonymous at 18:40 on 26 Sep 2015

A serious, yet entertaining presence by the speaker and clear, straight to the point content with great examples. Loved it!

Really helpfull and meaningful talk.

Anonymous at 18:32 on 27 Sep 2015

this talk should be heard on repeat. SOLID is a tough one, but Stefan makes it really easy to understand with some great practical examples

This was an awesome talk where many important thing about code design principles were said. The examples and presentation were also great.

I know a lot of companies that need to hear this kind of talk.

Maybe the best talk in the entire conference for me.

Magnificent talk - great guideline! Best speech about SOLID I ever heard with many real examples.

Very good explanation and hints about SOLID, did make me think about some stuff...

Great presenting and quite entertaining. The tips and the ideas presented are really worth thinking about.

Anonymous at 06:55 on 29 Sep 2015

Great advices and food for thinking, but felt like the part of "how it should be done" was a bit little compared to the part with what are the pitfalls we usually do. Other than that, it's a must see talk.

I can say only big WOW!
This was the best talk on the conference.

Thank you.