Talk comments

This is an important subject, which most people probably learn about when it's too late - the system is complex, slow, and difficult to change. Talks like these give people an opportunity to discover architectural and design problems before they happen. Yey for that! :)

Excellent talk! I'm pretty sure everyone in the room had some knowledge of what PHP 7 is bringing to the table. This talk, however, filled the gaps.

Very interesting talk on the intricacies of the HTTP request/response and PSR7. Some of the bits are so sad - people would be definitely crying, if it wasn't for Mark's light and funny take on things.

I wish there were more talks like this - explaining WHY things are implemented a certain way, rather than HOW they work. How things work is possible to derive from the source code and documentation. The context of why they are this way - that's more difficult.

I think there is a portion of CakePHP knowledge which is not stored anywhere, except for Jose's mind. It's good that he is sharing it often, and in an easy, approachable and entertaining way.

Nothing like a SysAdmin/DevOps thrown into a crowd of developers! A few important points were brought up, while being overall quite entertaining. :)

I think this was the deepest talk of the event. It could have benefited from a different timing - not to be the last one, just before the cake :)

Discovered better possibilities for running background processes.

Mark Story at 17:22 on 29 May 2016

I enjoyed David's talk. I liked that he shared a very relatable experience of building multiple iterations of the API he works on.

Mark Story at 17:17 on 29 May 2016

I think Avinash had some great content, and showed a solid understanding of his topic. Live demos are really hard to pull off, and they can fluster even the most seasoned of presenters. Until he is more comfortable speaking, I would try to deliver talks that don't involve live demos.

David Yell at 16:50 on 29 May 2016

A great talk and good live demo of using CakePHP with AngularJS. Really interesting to see how the integration works and some thoughts on the design of the application.