Opening keynote: Teach a Man to Fish


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Excellent talk and really inspiring! The talk made me realize a couple of things, like that I don't know the training budget of my team, or the skill gaps that we have and it is awesome that Lorna pointed this out.
Would love to hear more about leading the change within teams, specially when you're not the teamlead or architect.

Really an excellent talk that made me think about the training budget of our team, the bus factor and how relatively easy it can be to achieve changes within my team.
The presentation has a nice build up, like always.

The talk was pretty good. It covered some of the daily problems we encounter with sustainability but also about cost effectiveness and guaranteeing the knowledge in your company. I've actually written down 2 things that i'm bringing home from this conference already. I'd say that is a nice start. Good speaker too, she really takes her time to deliver the message and doesnt rush.

Sensible stuff about how to improve not only our own coding skills and knowledge level but also that of your team.

And do tell everybody about #linktuesday!

Inspiring talk about improving skills for yourself and your team as well.
I took some point which I will work out for sure :-)

Very inspiring talk, I might karaoke this at the office next week! Presented in a very clear way as always, keep up the good work!

I hadn't seen this talk yet but heard a lot about it. It's an inspirational start to the conference and a lot of stuff I could agree with. Well delivered, but that's a given with Lorna as a speaker.

Really nice talk. Lorna has a great presenting style as always and I really enjoyed this talk. It offered some concrete advice to take away from the talk and implement with your own team.

Very nice talk, very iluminating in order to set up a lot of small tips into practice.

The talk itself was easy to follow and the talk/slides are also very well organized.

The sequence of someone coming in, turning off the microphone and then just walking away despite the "hey, you turned off the microphone" gave a very WTF moment but was pretty well handled.

I really enjoyed this talk and it especially made me think of and realise the skill gap. It is nothing I really thought about. Her presenting style and slides is also flawless, another great talk well done!

Great talk to start of the conference. I did see it a few years ago but it was nice to see an updated slidedeck and a few new points make it in there :-)