Talk comments

I haven't played with Oracle for years but this was a good starting point on understanding how its caches work and how to get rolling on it. I'm going to dive into it more in the coming weeks, so the perspective should be useful.

Content-wise: This presentation would likely be a good starting point for people just diving into OOP and figuring out if it works for them.

Presentation-wise: Relax. These are pretty friendly crowds. ;)

A great presentation of a "must have" development tool. Even if you use a debugger and profiler in your IDE, like Zend Studio, Xdebug's formatting of variable dumps and stack tracing is a great addition to your development toolset.

Definitely way more information than can be contained in a 1 hour format, would be perfect as a 3 hour tutorial format!

Cal is always a great presenter. Made me go "yeah, damn straight I wish someone had told me that..."

Definitely must know information for a PHP developer

I liked this talk, very fascinating information about date/timestamping issues.

Especially liked the reason for the time zone identifier US/Chicago as opposed to US/Central (as historically there are several locations that had time zone information randomly change).

I would suggest anyone to attend this talk in the future as there are a lot more pitfalls to dates than you are thinking of.

Nice overview of the existing databases, decent examples

Good refresher of security topics, providing examples was a nice touch

This is another great talk that isn't specific to PHP. Chris introduces some great deployment solutions also. Best typeface I've seen in a presentation yet.