Talk comments

Fantastic talk with tons a great advice. Fun and inspiring! Thanks!

Great overview of available php qc tools and best practices.

Excellent session! Learned a lot from getting my own code reviewed. All three speakers had great points that I have now implemented. What a great learning opportunity!

This was a good overview to get my feet wet in the code. I am used to frameworks so this showed just enough for me to understand the differences and strenths of this framework.

I have studied design patters a lot in the last year and this class still helped me understand some key concepts. I enjoyed it and would take it again.

This class was about as fun as regex normally is, so that was expected. I did learn a lot and would take the class again if I had a change. Of course I would love to never have to think about regex again, but that is not going to happen.

I liked this one a lot. I also purchased the book of the website the next day. I really like the upgraded in the php 5 date and time and I was happy to get to hear from the guy responsible for all the changes.

I liked this class the best out of them all. It answered some questions that I had about the best way to do things. I am always wondering should I do it this way, or should I do it that way. This class helped me set some standards and gave me a better idea of how to use the patterns correctly.

I liked this one a lot. The best part was when they went over peoples code from the audience.

Having never used a framework this was a bit deep. I liked the overview of the file structure. I will have to really look into all the frameworks. Funkatron is a great speaker, your kept us engaged through out the talk despite my not understanding everything. But that's due to my inexperience, not your talk.