Talk comments

This will be interesting. Java has Spring, PHP has many but not sure what's right and free! CodeIgniter looks interesting to me.

Attended Cal's talk in NYC. Really learned alot & was happy I followed it! Must mean I'm learning. I ordered the Design Patterns book too.

Enjoyed this talk, Cal managed to pull this one together even without internet access to demonstrate an app connecting to Twitter for the personal and public feed.

I liked that talk a lot.

Good examples. Mitch has a very good general knowledge of all things required for setting up high-traffic websites.

I'm sorry Scott, but that one was total failure for me.

You have a knowledge of what you tried to talk about, but you were completely unprepared, spent way too much time talking BS with the audience and I think you tried to share too much with us.

The only thing that I remember from that talk is that SQL is very old and no one implemented it correctly.

So where were the alternative DBs?

This was a very good idea to finish a long day with light weight talk about things made for fun. I like the way Chris switched his talks (this one and the Security-Centered Design) to be more about ideas and general user experience.

Anonymous at 00:33 on 6 Oct 2009

This was one of my favorite talks of the conference. I'm fascinated by security in general and the sheer resourcefulness of both the guys wearing the black hats and those wearing the white hats.

Arne was very knowledgeable, personable, patient and generous with his time. I'd definitely like to hear him speak again.

This was a good one. Good examples and even better talk. Introduction of new tools was perfect. Wanted to leave the conference to go home and start working them into our development cycle.