Talk comments

I've been working with email templates for web2project and hadn't come up with a nice clean way of handling them... this looks like a much better and cleaner strategy that I'm going to investigate.

I hadn't seen or heard much about CodeIgnitor and only went to this presentation because Ed was giving it. That said, it looks like a nifty framework that appears to be relatively light and flexible. I've started playing with the routing a bit and will dive into the content negotiation will probably investigate and adapt some ideas into my own things.

This was the best explanation of Adapter vs Decorator pattern that I've heard so far. They're *just similar* enough that it can be hard to see the difference between them.

That said, he had to fly through the Design Patterns, so none were covered with more than a few sentences. :( Dropping a couple might provide the ability to go deeper into some important but often overlooked ones.

I'm kind of biased on this one as they reviewed my project... web2project. This was excellent from top to bottom and a useful outside perspective on how to clean things up and make them better. To date, I've completely reworked one of the modules based on the feedback and simplified the Controllers, made the Model better, and even improved the corresponding Unit Tests.

+1 to this.

Really helped me understand how to adapt some OO patterns to web applications.

Good talk, explained the idea of tokenizing in a way that the room really seemed to graps.

A good presentation of a 'Real World' situation, obstacles that a real application/website faced, tight timelines, how they overcame them, and then additional thoughts as to what else they might (or are) doing.

Most excellent talk. Way over my head for most of it. Really liked the validation with tokens especially the simple email validation script.