Talk comments

After so many years in the web business I thought I new a lot. Bill proved me wrong. Presentation was well structured, covered a lot of details but kept my focus.
If Bill ever decides to do similar lecture again, I'd recommend everyone to attend.

Great presentation and interactive format really helped everyone get involved. Certainly gave me some food for thought and even some homework.

Thank you for the presentation

Anonymous at 11:27 on 12 Nov 2015

Hey Bill,

Great talk but I might suggest a one big thing. Knowing that there are problems with passwords systems is one thing but it would be nice if you could also give us the answers.

So a link to the Twitter bad words database, code for a class that can properly process passwords and accept good ones and a link to download it.

Also the whole SSL/TLS thing seems kind of obvious. Yes we are all guilty of it. Remind everyone that we have all sinned and that there are still still sinners among us, then post a couple of links to places to get cheap certs and leave it at that. 2 or 3 mins tops.

And on the same topic you talked about what a pain it is to set up some content to be served over TLS and some not but didn't provide a good methodology or any code to do so. Which kind of makes it pointless to bring up.

People attend talks to get solutions to problems, not so much to hear about the problem and be left with no answers.

And finally change that slide with the white code the black background. That code was illegible.

Anonymous at 10:13 on 12 Nov 2015

Great information and examples used throughout the talk.

Anonymous at 00:50 on 12 Nov 2015

Both informative and thought provoking

Excellent discussion on security practices and the user perspectives