Portable Development Environments with Vagrant and Ansible


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Thanks Erika! I do not currently use Ansible, but seeing how easy the YAML config is, makes me consider it for future projects. Thanks.

Really good in depth look at using Vagrant with Ansible. I'll definitely check it out more closely.

As always, live demos are greatly appreciated!

Great talk. I'd heard of Anisble but never really took the time to look into it, this talk has changed that. I know what I'll be spending this weekend doing.

I love that you did some live examples - as a coder it always helps to "see it in action"

Interesting talk to see how Ansible works. I currently use Puppet, but this has given me a great opportunity to see a different way and it seems like Ansible may be simpler then Puppet in that "this is good" way.

Great intro to ansible and how it work with vagrant with some great examples. I think showing the contents of the role files would of helped, not diving deep, but just showing they are structured and relate would be great.

Great presentation! You explained provisioning vagrant with ansible very well and provided meaningful example.

good run down with ansible. I'm not a big fan of live demos as they slow things down and can play up. other than that a great talk.