Could You Telecommute?


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Great session. I learned a lot about telecommuting. Not sure if it's the best choice for me at the moment, but at least now I have the information in case its a option in the future.

Great talk. Brought up some interesting points to consider.

Enjoyed the first hand experience. As always a good practical application and good personal views.

Very useful session. I already telecommute a few days a week but definitely gave me stuff to consider.

Lorna did a good job covering a very broad baseline of what it means to telecommute and what you need to do to remain safe/human. She set good ground rules for what you really need to do to ensure you can be an effective teleworker.

Great job! Now I have nothing to talk about :-(

The talk overall was nice and realistic. Especially liked the hierarchy of needs and the talk around that slide!

Great talk. Got me thinking about some mistakes I made when I was telecommuting. I would make sure I don't make the same mistakes if I ever get the chance again.

Good thought behind this talk, well done.

Good summary from a personal point of view.

I like the quote that's now retweeted a lot: "The thing about telecommuting is that you have to be awesome with nobody watching." I guess the whole self-motivation would be a big issue for me ...

Great talk Lorna, it was very interesting and helpful, i will follow your advices.

Lizzette C.V.

This talk was full of exactly what I needed to hear: real advice for working remotely. I've got some great action items to take away from this talk.

good solid talk about all the things that happen when you are telecommuting and how to deal with that.

Thanks so much the talk, Lorna! I wish I'd heard this back in the day when I was working from home. It also will give me some more things to mention to my folks who do work from home!