Getting a website out of the door


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Great stuff. Good real-world experience.

Audio was bad for me, which made it hard to follow.

The content itself wasn't really exciting, at least not for me since it basically describes the process which I've seen in every company I've worked with. Perhaps I've lost some exciting details or bits of advice because of the bad audio quality and the fact that I kind of lost interest halfway.

I really enjoyed this talk, specifically the managing change and when to add to current bill. Thanks, Rob for sharing your process.

Great talk. Was very useful to hear our other people plan and manage their projects. Always very interesting to see different approaches/workflows.

A important talk for me because it's a important part of my job. I recognized a lot of the things Rob talked about and also learned new tricks. Although the talk was a bit dry (maybe it's the topic or the setting) i still enjoyed it !

Rob gave a great explanation of how they deliver web sites to customer. I learned a lot. It very different from the way we deliver product for inside the company.

Gave me a lot to think about -- I will be listening to this talk more than once!

Great process for smaller firms looking to wrap up all the loose ends of a project presented in an easy to understand and implement manner.

I would of liked to see/hear a bit more enthusiasm in the talk.

Thanks for the informative insight into how your company manages web projects. I am delving into a huge project myself, and constantly have to ask myself what the best ways to manage it are due to the enormous scope. Your descriptions have given me some ideas, and I will go back to the recording once it's available.
The only critique I have is the audio quality, both the choppiness, as well as the bass. I have trouble hearing low frequencies, so I miss a lot when the EQ is low.


Excellent info, but the dry presentation style works a lot better in person.

It's great to be able to benefit from the experience of a heavyweight like Rob. Great talk on how to approach project management, negotiate with clients and protecting yourself and your company when setting up specifications.

Interesting overview of the process, and some good observations about managing client expectations that I think are applicable regardless of the project or client - for example the guidelines on writing clear actionable email to clients and the change control process both look like things I can use in my own projects.