Time and Money


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Even though I work a salary job, this is great information. I have some ideas how to better tweak my time management skills and hopefully get more productivity out of my days!

A great talk on skills that most programmers don't have. Really useful to hear personal experience stories, how they worked, how they didn't work, and what I should be doing in the future. Cracking opening to DC4D!

Another great presentation from Lorna. I'm not self employed but found some great tips and insight into managing time and money.

Lorna is always awesome. This presentation was a little slow up front but got really great by mid-way.

Great job Lorna, I learned something despite the many years I have been freelance and/or running my own company. Loved the Google Calendar examples.

Thanks Lorna. Good job.

Hey Lorna. Great talk and even I was able to learn a thing or two (even took some notes on your slides)! One remark though, as you're doing a virtual talk some of your silent moments may seem like the audio failed with people attending, so if you need to cough or blow your nose best is to announce this.

Thanks for sharing!

Excellent coverage of the importance of the importance of scheduling and understanding how you manage time. Also, liked the section on billing.

Good presentation overall.
And good remarks pointed out by Michelangelo though..

Good talk on why it is important to track your time and the definition of wat billable hours actually are. The (Google) Calendar example was a useful real-world example of a way of dealing with must-do's and planning the rest of your time based on that. The invoicing part was good info as well. Totally agree with that!

Good presentation of a rather dry topic.

Have to agree with Michelangelo - the pauses felt a bit odd, especially the longer ones. Get well soon :)

Not just for freelancers or business owners but every developer could benifit from. The silences (cough moments i guess) in the talk made me wonder if my audio still worked ok

Having not done contract work for years, it's great to see some of the tools used. The talk flowed well. I agree with Jacques that it picked up more in the middle, but I tend to prefer that.

As always a great presentation. Thank you Lorna. And even though I am also in a salary job, I got valuable informations about time-management and what I can expect from our contractors.

Scheduling, time management, billing: under-appreciated skills and tasks, but soooo important. Great talk.

Good presentation. I agree with Michelangelo van Dam's comments. There were a couple of times I had to check to see if the video was still playing.