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Great lineup once again with a great array of topics relevant to todays php developers.

Short version: Probably not the strongest event in the series but still good value for the time & money spent (and probably somewhat due to me no longer really being the target audience). Still a very necessary event.

Long version: http://hirnableiter.tinycities.de/article.php/dc4d-non-programming

I like the easyness to join in, not having to invest a lot of money and not having to get off your couch and still having all the awesome content. I could probably make jokes about how bad the food was and all, but I think I'm not the first to think they're funny doing that. I'll just leave it to this: Thank you, Cal.

Another very worthwhile event to attend. Thank you for putting these together.

Excellent event, see you next time :)

This is yet another AWESOME edition. Have been present since edition 4 and since then I always never miss it and always looking forward to more. It's really a unique event of this type and it's a blessing for people (like me) who cannot attend conferences physically and listen to those speakers.

Great going, keep the spirit!