Talk comments

Although I have been at this for a long time I still found useful things. As always Lorna delivers a great talk, and approaches things from an easy to understand direction. Love the Project Poker, thanks for sharing.

Excellent talk! Well thought out and delivered, backed up by superb slides with diagrams that made the concepts easier to absorb. I'm not too familiar with scrum/kanban (I work in a single-developer non-IT shop) so I can't really speak to the content, but I found the Performat/Ready/Done definitions and how they apply to the scrum workflow interesting (likely because the diagrams made it very easy to understand to a non-agiler ;))

Excellent talk! The speaker was very clear and concise, and provided some great tips on how to get over "documentation dread" by making it part of your everyday routine. I would have liked to hear more on the types of documentation and their respective audiences, as well as more tips/guidance on what makes documentation "good".

Some nice highlights on commands not used often. Not enough of workflow to bring it all together. Very heavy on git usage versus workflow, though speaker indicated other talks were faulty for doing the same. Mobile phone for call didn't work well, volume was HIGH.

Loved the tip of doing documentation daily and getting better over time. No brainer, but hadn't thought of it. Perhaps cover intro a bit less. Everyone knows it is important, but how to build habits needed more time.

Great talk. There is a lot I need to work on.

Slight issue with the audio going up and down.

I liked the minimalistic slides, it kept you focused on what Thursday was saying.
What this talk could do with was a bit less surfacing goodness on how important it is to write documentation and a little bit more examples of different kinds of documentation and what inter-human purpose they serve, as well as documentation (text writing) styles that work and don't work for programmers.

Good introductory talk on Git, but when I first saw the title, I hoped for a little more background and comparison on different VCS's. The talk itself was thorough, though.

Four stars: the talk was excellent for what it was, but the the title and abstract didn't quite cover the content.

By the way, I like your hat.

Very good talk. Thank you. The audio seemed to be auto-adjusting quite a lot so there would be a few seconds where it sounded great and then followed by a few more seconds where it sounded like it was in an airport when planes were taking off.

Great talk on the importance of documentation with lots of handy tips thrown in. Especially loved the one about making writing documentation a habit - even if you'd only produce bad documentation on some days, it's still better than no documentation.