Practical Software Estimation Techniques, or “How Late?”


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Really excellent talk. I'm looking forward to watching again and sharing this knowledge with my team to help them more accurately estimate.

Thanks Lorna! Very interesting topic, always worthy of discussion. Sparked insteresting ideas and questions that I hadn't thought of before.

Great talk. I'm glad I watched it with my team. There is a lot we need to improve on our estimations.

Great talk, thank you!

Wonderful talk. Sparked my attention to burndown rate, velocity and planning poker.

Fantastic talk. This is such a tough subject because it is so critical to the project owners to know how much $$$ a project will cost, and also when it will be "ready". Lorna really hit on some of the harder parts of the entire process and how to address them and make the client happy while keeping the developers sane.

Very good talk, both in content and presentation. A lot of practical takeaways.

Due to bad timezone-calculation skills, I missed half an hour of the presentation :(

But the second half hour was a good one! I will be re-reading the slides for sure!

Great talk! Your presentation was very clear and easy to follow. I wish I could work on projects with you. My only regret is that I didn't get the army of project managers that I work with to watch this talk.

Very informative talk! I was never really good at estimating, so the content in this talk will help me a lot. I look forward to implementing quite a few of Lorna's suggestions and ideas.

Good, honest, hands-on guide to estimates.

Although estimating will never be just "Estimate excellently", I liked your cherry-pick way of finding the best things from all different parts of the development world to get the best way for you to estimate your projects.

The whole set of tools you offered will help me be more strict about estimating (we all let down our guard one in a while, don't we?). Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous at 06:05 on 26 Jul 2013

Nice spin on an old topic. Great job!

good talk and good voice tone :)

A very well organized, informative and engaging talk. Estimation is by far the part of this job that I struggle with the most, and I'm fairly certain I'm not alone in that boat. In this talk Lorna throws us a lifeline by detailing a number of easy-to-follow tips & tricks (and one neat game :)) that any developer or project manager can easily add to their current workflow to improve the quality of their task estimation.

Anonymous at 06:10 on 26 Jul 2013

Really enjoyed the talk! Great delivery

Thank you for your talk, it gave me good pointers!

Informative talk on estimation by Lorna. She covered all the key points you need to know about how to estimate and then track those estimations. The aside on running a meeting effectively was important too!

Lots of takeaway's from Lorna's presentation that I can immediately apply to my own estimation efforts. As both a business person and developer, Lorna presented the process of estimating projects in a way that helps developers gain confidence in themselves as they give confidence to the business minded.

Although I have been at this for a long time I still found useful things. As always Lorna delivers a great talk, and approaches things from an easy to understand direction. Love the Project Poker, thanks for sharing.